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Antibiotic Guardian: Professional roadshows and public debates

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As part of activities for the Public Health England led Antibiotic Guardian campaign, we are hosting a series of roadshows for healthcare professionals and debates for the public so we can hear directly from you.

Antibiotic Guardian is an important campaign; as there continues to be an increase of drug resistance among bacteria, viruses and other microbes, and a lack of new antibiotics being developed, antimicrobial resistance poses a serious threat to our health.

We're urging people to act and engage with this issue, and this year there are more ways than ever to do so.

Professional roadshows
These roadshows have been developed to ensure information on antibiotic stewardship is disseminated to health professionals. Sessions will provide guidance, resources and information on topics associated with antibiotic awareness as well as providing an understanding about how your organisation can combat the global challenge we face from antimicrobial resistance.

Roadshows will be held in Leeds, Birmingham and London. Dates and venues are below, so click on the links to book your place:

Events are free to attend and resources to run local campaigns such as posters, leaflets and badges will be available.

Public debates
Our debates will be held in the evening and offer the chance for the public to not only find out more but also to educate us and each other.

Guests will hear presentations on how antibiotics have changed our world for the better and a talk explaining resistance and the problems it’s causing.

There will also be explanations on how antibiotic resistance could affect patients in the future with all manner of conditions, from cancer to urinary tract infections becoming harder to treat.

The debates will conclude with a public and panel discussion titled ‘solving the crisis of antibiotic resistance’ - exactly what we hope these evenings and roadshows will encourage people to do!

The first debate will be held on December 2nd at the Birmingham Rep Theatre with a second to be held in February 2016. To reserve a place please email the events co-ordinator: Esme Carruthers at

This is not a problem that will go away - in fact it will only continue to get worse. Time is of the essence so please join us at one of our events and help to play your part.

You can also help by visiting the Antibiotic Guardian website and pledging to take one simple action to slow resistance. We already have 14,000 Antibiotic Guardians registered across the country, but we want many more people to get involved and spread the word.

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