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Heather Lodge

Heather Lodge graduated from University College Wales, Aberystwyth in librarianship and history. She started life as a professional librarian first at Crawley Hospital and then at the Eastman Dental Hospital. Heather took up the post of Public Health Sciences Librarian at Kings College London in 1988 where she helped teach evidence-based medicine to GPs. She gained chartered status in 1990 and completed an MSc in information systems in 1992. She has worked in a number of London’s health libraries, including a return to the Eastman Dental Institute where she lead a multidisciplinary Information Centre and supported the development of systematic reviews in oral health. She joined the former London Health Observatory as Knowledge Manager in 2007. Heather will shortly be moving into the Library and Knowledge Services Team within PHE.

The ordinary person: measuring height and weight in adults

“To tall men I’m a midget and to short men I’m a giant; to the skinny ones I’m a fat man and to the fat ones I’m a thin man….. In fact I’m quite ordinary.” So says the Ordinary Man …

Of RAGs and riches: indicators of public health in the Public Health Outcomes Framework

“Are we there yet?” You don’t have to travel very far with small children before you are asked this question. In fact, a survey by in March 2013 reported that children ask their mothers around 300 questions every day …