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Christine McCartney

Christine is a graduate of Glasgow University with a BSc Honours and a PhD in medical microbiology. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. After a Wellcome Foundation Research Fellowship, she was appointed to a lecturer post in the medical school at Glasgow University. In the mid-1990s she moved to a senior role in the Public Health Laboratory Service at Colindale, eventually becoming Deputy Director for Reference Microbiology. In September 2006, she became Executive Director of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) Regional Microbiology Network and in 2010 was appointed as Executive Director for HPA Microbiology Services, a newly established division of the HPA that en.compassed the microbiology services delivered by Porton, Colindale, the eight Regional Laboratories and the five Food, Water and Environmental laboratories.

Proteomics: studying proteins to fight disease

Over the past 70 years antibiotics have been hugely important in our defence against infectious diseases caused by bacteria. However, bacterial resistance to antibiotics is becoming a global public health problem and if we are to develop new treatments for …