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Sarah Smith

Sarah is a Public Health Specialist Registrar working in Yorkshire and Humber, currently based in Specislised Commisioning, working across Public Health England and NHS England. Her current role includes; providing public health support to the national Mental Health Programme of Care Board, scoping out the regional Public Health a England offer to the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and providing public health input to the Yorkshire and Humber Specialised Commissioning team.
Sarah has a keen interest in healthcare public health and has previous roles as a registrar within local authorities, providing public health support to CCGs, providing public health expertise to the NHS England Medical Directorate and working in the regional health protection unit at Public Health England.
Sarah graduated with a BSc Hons in Biomedical Science and then completed the NHS Graduate Management Scheme and a MSc in Health and Public Leadership; before going on to work as a commissioning manager where she decided to train as a consultant in public health.