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Protecting the country's health

Posts relating to PHE Priority 3: Protecting the country's health

Tackling antibiotic resistance - how can schools get involved?

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If you’re a teacher or school nurse, or you work in an educational setting, you have the opportunity to educate young people about one of the biggest health threats we face globally - antimicrobial resistance. Our antibiotics are under threat. …

Climate change and public health: a challenge and an opportunity

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“Climate change is the biggest challenge that our civilisation has ever had to face up to.” This was the opening statement from Sir David King when he delivered our inaugural Distinguished Lecture on climate change and planetary health at the …

Vaccination is a lifelong benefit – make every contact count

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It’s European Immunisation Week - a great time to celebrate the achievements of everyone who delivers vaccination programmes and highlight the benefit of vaccines throughout life. This week we’re particularly urging professionals who work with young people/young adults to make …