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Michael Chang

Michael Chang is a Chartered Town Planner and Honorary Member of the UK Faculty of Public Health. He joined PHE as the Programme Manager for Planning and Health from the Town and Country Planning Association, and has developed national guidance on planning for health and wellbeing for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and on planning healthy weight environments.

With his experience on the policy and practice links between town planning and public health issues, he provides spatial planning advice across a number of topic areas including obesity, mental health, lifecourse and physical activity.

He is Visiting Fellow at the UK WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments at the University of the West of England.

Health Matters: Addressing the food environment as part of a local whole systems approach to obesity

Influencing the food environment to ensure that more and healthier options are available, accessible and affordable can only be accomplished through a collaborative approach. This blog outlines how addressing the food environment is part of a local whole systems approach to obesity.