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Chris Carrigan

Chris founded the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN), which transferred into Public Health England (PHE) in April 2013. The NCIN is a partnership funded by a range of bodies, including the public sector and leading cancer charities, tasked with providing new insights and intelligence into cancer inequalities, diagnosis, care, outcomes and experience.

On a personal level, Chris has seen the best and the worst of cancer outcomes. He lost his younger brother six years ago after a delay in his diagnosis. In contrast, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, received rapid diagnosis, excellent treatment and care and is now fit and well.

Beyond big data: Bringing people together to improve cancer outcomes

It was just a year ago at the 2013 Cancer Outcomes Conference that we announced the completion of the migration to a single National Cancer Registration Service - described by the media as “the largest single cancer database in the …