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Dave Jephson

Dave is the Analytical Programme Manager for the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) in the Epidemiology and Surveillance Team in Public Health England. In this role he coordinates the analytical and technical development of the PHOF, including the quarterly PHOF web tool updates. Prior to this Dave worked as part of the London and East Midlands Knowledge and Intelligence Teams in PHE, and the East Midlands Public Health Observatory, working on a range of projects including the Health Profiles and Local Health tool. Before joining the Public Health Observatories, he worked within a local authority coordinating data for their local strategic partnership . Dave has a MMath degree in Mathematics.

From event to indicator - collecting and using data in our Public Health Outcomes Framework

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We are often asked why the data we publish in the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) webtool is not current. For example, in early 2018, why is 2015 the latest data we have available on under 18 conceptions and 2016 …

Remember, remember...what we learned about the health of people in England this November

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If we want to improve people’s health we have to know both where we stand now, but also be able to track our progress. At PHE, we have a wealth of data on a wide variety of health topics. Part …

Getting better all the time

It’s nearly June.  That means many things to many people – summer, school holidays, long evenings…  and to some, Health Profiles.  Since 2006, these summaries of health data for each local authority in England have been produced to support local …